About Us.

We are passionate to reduce risks, time and cost of innovation using serverless applications

Serverless Talent is an online platform to hire specialized Developers to build full-stack serverless applications. Enterprises and Startups can hire talent 100% remotely anywhere. We take care of payment, compliance, IP protection with our zero-trust network access. Serverless applications are next gen application architecture which offers up to 70% cost savings compared to applications running on traditional cloud containers. Applications can scale and operate 100% automated without engineers which addresses the shortage of tech talent slowing the innovation (900,000 shortage of developers in the United States alone) Enterprises and startups can innovate and build scalable and ultra-fast applications with confidence without a fear of talent departure and sourcing new candidates.

We also offer serverless products reviews, comparison, and news - it's 100% free.

Our Mission

We are a team of developers, startup founders who are passionate about making innovation faster and cheaper. Our goal is to reduce the high risks of new tech and innovation for our fellow startups and enterprises. Serverless-first is the future and we want to offer top talent specialized in serverless tech, knowledge, and advocacy to businesses around the world


Danish Soomro doing  a workshop with Chilean business students on Lean Startup 


Serverlesstalent.com is founded by the Canadian immigrant Danish Soomro. He is a serial founder who has won several innovation awards as well as failed many innovation projects. He holds an MBA, ex-Microsoft and an Entrepreneur graduated from prestigious accelerators like Startup Chile, MIT Enterprise Forum, Plug & Play, Poland Prize, and UNWTO Tech Startup. He is determined to reduce the risks, cost and time to innovation and software development. Connect with him on LinkedIn here


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